Luwak Coffee Characteristic

Luwak Coffee Characteristics

Aroma: Fresh nutty, vanilla, strong and gentle fragrance when brewed

Flavor: Strong almond roasted

Acidity: Medium Soft

Harvest time from flowers to be a berry: 9-10 months

Production (kg / year): 250-600 kgs, depends on season and Luwak digesting system

Optimal temperature: 15 to 28 Degrees Celcius

Optimal rainfall: 200 to 2500 mm

Altitude: 1000 to 2000 from sea level

Soil types: soil formed of young volcanic materials as Java and Sumatera is volcanic islands, this kind of soil contains rich micro nutrients which very important to plants.

Country of origin: Indonesia

Our production areas: Western Lampung, Sumatera; Situbondo, East Java.

Caffeine content: 0.75 to 1.4 %

Character stew: Acid & chocolate

Method of harvest: Collect directly from Luwak droplet in plantation or Collect from Luwak farming feeding by coffee cherries which choosen by their own will.

Processing method: Organic and Natural, as Luwak do not eat coffee with pestiside


Screen size:15 -20

Moisture: Max 13 %

Triage: Max 8 %

Defect value: 6-8

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Android Forgotten Application must install

What is relationship between Android and Coffee?

Both of them are exotic, and You can enjoy it together. 😀

But, for an intermezzo I want to share about forgotten application you must have in your android phone base on my experience using Android phone.

first: Battery application.

Android is Batery vampire, it will suck any energy in your phone battery until dry. My phone battery only last not more than a  day when I use it for online. You need a battery application to make your phone life longer.

Android is fun, but if you can not go away from charger how can be fun outside your home worying about battery life? There are a lot of battery saver application in android market, you may choose one.

Second : lights Chat Apilication

Hey,… isn’t Chat Application mandatory and not forgotten? Yes,.. but I think you need the lights one. A lot of Chat application usually take huge space in your memory and hardwork for processor. You do not need that kind of application to chat,.. choose the lights one.

Third : task killer.

Kill unnecessary application which run on background. That will rise your Android phone performance.

Any other Recommendation?


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Luwak Coffee other name

It’s called : Java, it’s called : Luwak Coffee, it’s also called : Civet Coffee.

As a derivative you may also find : Coffee alamid, Trung Nguyen.

All those name reffers to a “Unique Exotic Coffee”, a coffee which was produced by an Endemic Animal. Yes,… it’s an endemic animal in Java and Sumatera island in Indonesia.

You may check this and you will realize why it’s unique.

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It was African Ethiopian who first consumed and make coffee as delicious drink.

The arabic spread coffe more popular to world as trade comodity.

Coffee itself come from arabic word Qahwah, which mean “Power” because of its effect.

Qahwah become Turkey word: Kahveh, which they introduce to European.

And Kahveh become Koffie in Dutch (Netherland) and Coffee in English.

Coffee invented by African, promoted by Arabian, Sucessed by Jewish, today Coffe most drink by Christian

Once it become conroversial

Coffee is a truly International Drink

Coffe itself is unique, but the most unique and most delicious Coffee is from Indonesia

specially Luwak Stomach ( Ha..ha… :-D )

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There are two types of Luwak Coffee

1. Dummy Luwak Coffee.

Dummy?? yes, because Luwak Coffee is natural coffe there almost not different with common Coffee so everybody can claim a coffee as Luwak Coffee, and people who doesn’t have any knowledge about Luwak Coffee can not realize the different.

2. The Original Luwak Coffee

It can be divided into two types Luwak Coffee

• Wild Luwak Coffee : This is the most original, rare and unique Luwak Coffee. It found from wild civet by searching it from the ground around Coffee plantation and jungle.

• Farming Luwak Coffee : At the moment,to get Luwak Coffee form wild Luwak is extemely hard and complicated. Luwak population on it’s wildlife itself is decrease dramatically. So to make more simple production, farmer catch a Civet (Luwak) and feed it with coffee. The best production way to let the animal choose and feed the coffee, then the rest which was not eaten by The Civet out taken as common coffee.

But of course there is huge, i mean real huge different between dummies and original.

So can how to find sign of the dummies and original?

1. You can find the different from unroasted beans, Luwak Coffee have perfect shape. In common coffee you can find tiny black dot on the beans, but you can not find on Luwak Coffee.

2. If you have maag problem you may not drink coffee, coffee contain enough caffeine and some protein which make your stomach more active to produce acid, so coffee will hurt you.

This won’t be happen if you drink Luwak Coffee. Protein of Luwak Coffee may change when enzymes in Luwak stomach diggested coffee cherries. This is a good news for you, It was already proved that you may drink as much as Luwak Coffee without get negative effect from common Coffee.

3. And of course the taste is very different than common coffee. Luwak Coffee taste more Choco than common coffee. It’s taste more close to chocolate than coffee itself.

4. Make a glass of Luwak Coffee, pour hot water and do not add anything (sugar is for exception), it smell will spread and fill one whole room. That would not be happen on common coffee.

So,.. are you ready for the experience??

(to be continued)


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What Is Luwak Coffee

Hello!!,… that’s my first word to you.

You want to experience the unique taste of a rare-common drink which always find around you?

Yes,… it’s common because it’s coffee, a welknown drink by human, but it also very rare because it’s not an exactly common coffee. It’s Luwak Coffe, the most unique drink in human history.

You may find why it’s unique at: Unique Luwak Coffe History

We also serve you this unique product, Coffe Recipes, and anything interesting about coffe.

Yess,… this page is for you: Coffee Lover.

Please enjoy our publication.

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