Android Forgotten Application must install

06 Aug

What is relationship between Android and Coffee?

Both of them are exotic, and You can enjoy it together. 😀

But, for an intermezzo I want to share about forgotten application you must have in your android phone base on my experience using Android phone.

first: Battery application.

Android is Batery vampire, it will suck any energy in your phone battery until dry. My phone battery only last not more than a  day when I use it for online. You need a battery application to make your phone life longer.

Android is fun, but if you can not go away from charger how can be fun outside your home worying about battery life? There are a lot of battery saver application in android market, you may choose one.

Second : lights Chat Apilication

Hey,… isn’t Chat Application mandatory and not forgotten? Yes,.. but I think you need the lights one. A lot of Chat application usually take huge space in your memory and hardwork for processor. You do not need that kind of application to chat,.. choose the lights one.

Third : task killer.

Kill unnecessary application which run on background. That will rise your Android phone performance.

Any other Recommendation?


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