Luwak Coffee Characteristic

13 Aug

Luwak Coffee Characteristics

Aroma: Fresh nutty, vanilla, strong and gentle fragrance when brewed

Flavor: Strong almond roasted

Acidity: Medium Soft

Harvest time from flowers to be a berry: 9-10 months

Production (kg / year): 250-600 kgs, depends on season and Luwak digesting system

Optimal temperature: 15 to 28 Degrees Celcius

Optimal rainfall: 200 to 2500 mm

Altitude: 1000 to 2000 from sea level

Soil types: soil formed of young volcanic materials as Java and Sumatera is volcanic islands, this kind of soil contains rich micro nutrients which very important to plants.

Country of origin: Indonesia

Our production areas: Western Lampung, Sumatera; Situbondo, East Java.

Caffeine content: 0.75 to 1.4 %

Character stew: Acid & chocolate

Method of harvest: Collect directly from Luwak droplet in plantation or Collect from Luwak farming feeding by coffee cherries which choosen by their own will.

Processing method: Organic and Natural, as Luwak do not eat coffee with pestiside


Screen size:15 -20

Moisture: Max 13 %

Triage: Max 8 %

Defect value: 6-8

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