About Us


Welcome Java lovers!!

This page and JavaLocco product specially dedicated only for Java Lovers.

Your Satisfaction is our Commitment, We serve cofee Lovers, the most unique exotic coffee.

We are a local home industry company, trading Coffee, and focus only exotic coffee.

Started at 2010 we try to contact our customer directly with a simple webpage, because we make simple trade, free advertisement, send you fresh Java Coffee from the farm and coffee plantation. Free pestiside,…full organic and natural!!

Introduce the world a unique drink.  Unique in history, unique in taste, unique in production, unique in every aspect.

We serve retailler and whole seller, small packaging or large quantity, depends on stock quantity in our warehouse.

Because Art is unique and a cup of coffe is art.

For you, the coffee lovers, for the art of a cup of coffee.


“JavaLocco” Luwak Coffee


Marketing Manager

Address : Jl Garuda Ujung No 35 Limo-Depok-West Java Indonesia

Post Code 16515

Phone Office : +62-2150395955

Blackberry PIN : 35ABC756


Plantation : Situbondo and Lampung


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