Luwak Coffee History

Luwak Coffee Unique History (Luwak Coffe or

When you read history book about Coffee, you will be amazed to know that your daily drink has unique history, but there are more unbelieviable unique story on this unique drink

Long time ago coffee is an expensive and very exclusive drink, it was only drunk by the rich or royal family

It was Dutch who brought coffee plant to their colony in the middle of 19th century, include Indonesia (East Indie ).

The Dutch was in economic crisis when Governor General Johannes van den Bosch make a policy for East Indie colony: Planting Coffee is mandatory! They first planted coffee in Java island.

Picture: Governor General Johannes Van den Bosch

Because Coffee beans were like gold in Europe, the farmers prohibited to get and drink coffe all coffee beans produced in Sumatera, Java and other islands exported to Holland.

Farmers will get punishment if they try to take Coffe for themselves,…. even for a single bean

Farmers only plant, harvest, processed them and sold this “Black Gold” to Colonial Government with very-very-very low price

Starting from 1830 this Policy last more than a half century until it was ended 1870 in Java itself, and a few decade in Sumatera.

Luwak Coffe Legend was born

In Sumatera and Java,Indonesia, there animal which called Luwak (Civet)

Picture: Civet Cat

This like cats animal comes out nightly and eat coffee cherries form the plant, fortunately the bean can not be digested

This rare taste drink born when Farmers who want to taste coffee realize that Civet feces contain Coffe Bean.

Yes,…. their feces!! and of course the Dutch do not want this “Shit”, even the Coffee beans itself clean from Civet feces, when its protected by a transparent membrant inside coffee cherries.

Farmers want to taste this expensive drink so they washed and sanitize the beans, dry them in the sun then process them

Amazingly, the coffe cherries which was eaten by the animal is the best coffe Cherries

It’s natural that nocturn animal have sharp nose to smell the best coffe and eat them

This beans which can’t be digested in Luwak Stomach fermented by their digestion enzyme and heated in  natural body temperature about 2 until 12 hours and come out as beans with unique taste after it processed

When the farmers drink that coffee,…. that’s time when the legend was born

Known by world

This Coffee always being a secret drink until early 20th century when a Colonial Officer was taking a walk

He is a Coffeeholic and only drink the best coffee, When he take a walk he suddenly smell Coffee drink

He though he never smell coffee which have superb smell like this so he tried to find source of the smell and found a farmer who drink his Coffe

He ask for one cup, taste it and and felt in love to this coffe, he never drunk coffee as its amazing for his whole life.

After that moment he only drink Coffe from Luwak, Even when he know that it come from Luwak stomach

The history of Luwak Coffe ( Civet Coffe) heard like a mythe

Fortunately,… This Luwak Coffe is more than legend, it’s real drink, you are able to taste this legendary coffee as you can Check our product at:

The unfortunate side from the legend, it’s not told us about “The Farmer” he may get some appraisal from the Collonial Officer or probably he get only punishment to lay a hand on “collonial treasure”

But that’s history, let’s pray for them who introduce us the best ever Coffe taste

This Coffee once very popular in America, and because it come from Java island this Luwak Coffee called JAVA ( then you know why JAVA programming use cup of coffee as its symbol)

Today  Java still popular as you see it in Oprah Show

Luwak Coffee in Oprah Show

Luwak Coffee information at :


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  4. shanegenziuk

    August 12, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    As long as you can compost the spent grounds it is all good for me.

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